Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why Cant I lose Weight?

I am starting this blog because I am fat. I am 38 years old, I do my very best to pick the right foods to eat. It is a constant batttle everyday with little, or no reward. I have a very busy lifestyle. I work full time, have a husband, three boys 4, 6, 11, and two 1 yr old puppies. I also have hypothyroidism that slows down the metabolism significantly. I have been taking synthroid since 2003, and it doesnt seem to help. What I would like from you is advice. I am going to post my daily battle, and tell you what im eating, and the lack of exercise I do. Your comments are welcome but please be kind. Food is an addiction for me, and it is a fight that I am loosing. Today I am going to eat 2 egg whites and a half a cup of cherries for breakfast, which I do on most days. Lunch is usually a salad with grilled chicken. Dinner is the hardest part, and then nightime snacking gets me everytime. I will fill you in on what I ate the rest of the day. Now Im off to work. Have a great day :-)


  1. Hey Georgeen... i think you are so brave by posting and exposing yourself this way... i hope your journey takes you to a path of health and wellness that is you, not the "ideal" of what you may think you want. Sometimes we lose sight of us when we look out at the "ideas" that are already created in our face day to day. By starting this blog, you are already showing your strength, remember that.. your a strong woman, you have this in you.. and you will get to your goals. Make them small.. take on one at at time, the pieces will come together in the big picture, but you need the individual parts to make the puzzle fit. You've got this and it seems you have support around you. Best of luck and above all.. believe in yourself. Everyday is a new opportunity for decisions to be made with a new start forward, not looking back on decisions we already made.

  2. Thank you so much for the support! It means alot to me :-)

  3. i know you don't really don't know me well... and i may be perceived as the "skinny" girl with no weight issues weighing me down... I too have been on this journey and i know how hard it is, to start.. to stay on... to justify excuses.... to be accountable... to follow thru... it's all a lot of pressure ALL OF THE TIME. I weighted in at almost 200lbs at my highest weight 6 years ago... there will always be challenges of food, struggles with the ideal of the perfect in our own minds... and the stress of when we aren't 100% true to a fitness. And that's ok... one thing at a time.. one milestone = accomplishment.. one step closer...one foot in front of the other. Best of luck again on the lifestyle changes ahead... and if i can help in ANY way, please let me know...anytime :)