Friday, May 24, 2013

19.6 pounds

10 months later and I'm officially down 19.6 pounds. I am really hoping to make it to a 20 pound loss by July 16th. That will be my one year anniversary that I decided enough is enough! Looking back I cant believe I made it this far. Those lifestyle changes, although seeming dramatic at the time, have become my normal now. Change is always difficult but in this case, it was well worth it!  It is amazing what a positive mindset, willpower,  and a great support system from friends and family changed my life. You have all followed me and encouraged me. I will always be thankful to everyone for helping me get to a healthier and more peaceful place.

It has been a long cold winter. Even the spring feels like winter. Its much harder for me to exercise when its raining and cold, but I try to do it whenever possible. I've found that any exercise at all makes a huge difference. I haven't been eating as well or planning my food as I did in the beginning, mainly due to my crazy schedule. Working full time, and three boys in baseball keeps me very busy. However, I am more conscious of the choices I make. If I eat fries, I don't immediately talk myself into having a burger and ice cream because I already messed up. I just eat the fries. I still try and pick one day a week to splurge but its not as important to me anymore. I am just happy fitting in my pants that are 4 sizes smaller than last year. That is worth more to me than any cookie!

I have had fight, after fight with Taylor, an her inconsistent ways. I don't like her! Yes, Taylor is the name on my scale. I believe that she is taunting me. The weight goes up, then down. I don't like Taylor because she makes feel bad about myself , and  angry!! I decided I'm going to beat her at this game ,because if you know me, wining is everything. Once I set my mind to beating this, it will have to happen. I have to see that number on the scale that shows me that 20 pounds is gone! Then off to my next level ! Wish me luck xoxo.