Friday, October 12, 2012

I got weighed

On Saturday I went to my aunt Theresa's for her birthday, and there was lots of food, and I ate most of it. It was my "cheat day". Funny thing is I got full much faster than usual and I actually felt sleepy. I asked my sister and brother in law to go for a 2 mile walk with me and they did without hesitation. I asked the rest of the family and they all laughed out loud and continued to eat the homemade butter finger that I made for them.

As always I had a busy week filled with soccer , baseball, and lessons for the kids as well as work, and everyday life. I felt overwhelmed and exhausted, and just wanted to eat.  I was fighting the hunger all week, and its a feeling that I haven't had in awhile, and I felt weak. I was questioning my lifestyle change, and really wanted to give up, so I resorted to obsessing over the scale.

 I got weighed Monday, and I lost .8 ounces, then Tuesday I was a 1pound heavier. Then Wednesday I was .2 ounces lighter, then Thursday I was 1.5 pounds heavier then last Friday. Seriously I almost gave up, but I gave myself one more day, the official weigh in day of Friday.  I got on the scale and lost .6 ounces. It sure was better than being heavier than last week. Note to self: stay off the scale! its discouraging!

I am now at 16.8 pounds total loss. I tried on gap jeans that I haven't worn since 2004, and they fit.I always refused to give them away, and now I'm glad I didn't. Those jeans fitting me outweighed the devastation of my traumatic week with the scale.

Friday, October 5, 2012

16.2 pds gone and Im back!

I got weighed today and only lost 4oz this week. Normally I would be annoyed but I was happy! I'm glad that I'm still losing something. I dropped down  2 sizes, and people are actually noticing the weight loss.In total from July 16th I have lost 16.2 pounds. Its like the size of a 6 month old baby. When I think of the comparison it makes me realize how much is really gone. A close friend is also losing weight, and a few weeks ago she had lost a total of 25pds. I told her it was like losing the size of a small toddler off her body, its nuts when you think of it like that.

 I haven't kept up with my blog, and I was pleasantly surprised  that people missed it. Thanks for caring, it really motivates me to keep going with this. Its been about a month since I wrote because my life is so insanely busy. A typical weekday for me is getting up at 5:30am taking care of the dogs, getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, getting them breakfast, getting me breakfast, then getting them to the bus by 7:15am. Then I go to work, leave work around 4:45pm get the kids, go to soccer Monday and Wednesday nights, get home from soccer by 7;15pm, make dinner, do homework with the boys, shower the boys, get everyone ready for bed. My job is still going because I have to do laundry, clean up, make lunches for the kids, and pack my food, sharpen pencils etc... the list goes on  and on. Tues &Thurs are about the same but that's when I prepare my food. The weekends are always booked, Soccer all morning on Saturdays, and Fall ball on Sundays. There's always a bunch of other craziness like food shopping,parties and so much more to do. All this insanity always made me want to eat before, and now when I'm stressed I just want to exercise. It really makes me feel better. However, the challenge has been fitting exercise in my everyday life. By the end of the night, honestly all I want to do is sleep lol`

Some people are still saying I'm "dieting" but I'm not. This is not dieting it has been an enormous lifestyle change. I love to eat this way, and I treat myself once a week to whatever I want to eat. Its not even  because I have to have it, its a break from planning like I do the other 6 days a week. I have sat through dinners, and parties touching french fries, and pizza, and cutting cake, and I wont eat it. People look at me like I have three heads, I might, but I can fit into a smaller size pants, so who cares. I have had alot of people ask me to tell them what I'm doing because they want to do it. I tell them and they say they cant. One thing I have learned is if you say you cant, you wont!!! Its up to you to do this for yourself. Its all about mindset, and no one else can make you do this but yourself!