Thursday, July 26, 2012

Candy Bowl Confessions

I have a candy bowl  on my desk at work. I have it filled with assorted chocolates. I never eat it because I dont really like chocolate. Ill eat chocolate occasionally but its not really a tempation of mine. I know it seems weird, fat people should love chocolate,but I broke that sterotype.  However, the peanut butter and jelly goober sandwich that I was making for Christian's lunch ,that I would probably wrestle him for. I was fearful that it would get on my finger and I would lick it off, then I would have eaten the whole jar. Not the bread, because strangley enough Im not much of a bread person either. I know fat people should be bread eaters. Im a rule breaker what can I say. Back to my beautiful candy bowl of happiness. As people come in and take some candy it makes them smile for a second out of their busy stressful day.  Someone got hurt today and I immediatly wanted to comfort them with the candy from my bowl. Junk food equals comfort to me. Well atleast it used to. Now Im more comforted by my pants fitting, and thats physical comfort. I did alot of houeswork and errends, but no exercise tonight :-( I hope to to get back on track tomorrow.

Naturegg - Egg White Omelet, 2 large egg white30007Ico_delete
Peach - Small, 1 small31801Ico_delete
Add Food
Rice noodles - Cooked, 0.5 cup962201Ico_delete
Fresh Express - Premium Romaine Salad Mix, 1 cups (85g)10201Ico_delete
Chicken Breast - Grilled/Baked, 2 oz.700213Ico_delete
Add Food
Unico - Diced Tomatoes In Can, 1/2 cup25401Ico_delete
Rice noodles - Cooked, 0.5 cup962201Ico_delete
Starkist - Solid White Albacore Tuna, 2 oz.700212Ico_delete
Add Food
Chicken Breast - Grilled/Baked, 2 oz.700213Ico_delete
Cherries - Sweet, raw, 0.5 cup, with pits, yields37901Ico_delete
Chicken Breast - Grilled/Baked, 2 oz.700213Ico_delete
Potato - Small (1/2 Large) - Baked Potato, 150 g 90 g1102303Ico_delete
Fresh - Bluberries, 1 container (1/2 cup ea.)402202Ico_delete
Add Food
Your Daily Goal1,2001654045
Remaining445 53 32 -24

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