Monday, July 30, 2012

I am "Hangry", not "Hungry" are u?

I was having a conversation with my sister about being extremely hungry and very angry. She referred to it as being "hangry". This is what her and a friend Kristen call it, and I agree. It makes perfect sense. I really wanted rice noodles with my dinner, but was debating on going to Giant first before going home. This was in fear that it would prolong my food intake. Of course the self check out line was filled with a bunch of losers. What I mean by losers is , just very slow people that should be in the 15 items or less line, not in self check out with a half filled shopping cart. I'm not a patient person when it comes to me eating, and I don't do well with stupid people. Tonight that combination could have been lethal for these poor people. They were keeping me away from my food , dammit! I moved over to the express lane with a cashier, and was done within minutes.The people that weren't as bright were still unloading there carts. I become a different person when I'm hungry. I am straight up mean. Once I have food in my mouth the hypothalamus thanks me and I get a comfortable feeling again. That's why eating 6 meals a day keeps the world safe from my "hangry" wrath. I happily ate dinner and was called rude for not waiting to eat with everyone else. They were not home yet and honestly after dealing with the supermarket and stupid people, I felt I deserved to eat ASAP. After dinner I took Miss Paige for a walk. As I was walking on the track I dropped my phone and it shattered. I cut my walk short and luckily it still counted that I burned 62 calories on mapmyrun. I was extremely upset but didn't reach for food to comfort me.  Another night with some challenges but I just keep moving forward. Reminder: If I'm hungry stay on my good side :-) Actually there is no good side,  stay out of my line of site lol

Naturegg - Egg White Omelet, 2 large egg white30007Ico_delete
Peach - Small, 1 small31801Ico_delete
Add Food
Rice - White, long-grain, regular, cooked, 0.5 cup1032202Ico_delete
Chicken Breast - Grilled/Baked, 2 oz.700213Ico_delete
Fresh - Romaine Lettuce , 6 leaves (85g)10200Ico_delete
Add Food
Annie Chun's™ - Pad Thai Rice Noodles, 4 oz3808608Ico_delete
- 93/7 Fresh Lean Ground Beef, 2 oz (112g)900512Ico_delete
Homemade - Italian Tomato Sauce, 1 cup801223Ico_delete
Add Food
Chicken Breast - Grilled/Baked, 2 oz.700213Ico_delete
Strawberries - Fresh, 0.5 cups12300Ico_delete
Potato - Small (1/2 Large) - Baked Potato, 150 g 90 g1102303Ico_delete
Chicken Breast - Grilled/Baked, 2 oz.700213Ico_delete
Blueberries - Raw, 0.5 cup411101Ico_delete
Add Food
Your Daily Goal1,2621734247
Remaining165 6 29 -29
*You've earned 62 extra calories from exercise today

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