Friday, July 20, 2012

The Battle Begins With The Weekend Monster

Most people look forward to the weekend beginning, not me when I'm changing my eating habits. It was a cold and dreary day, and all I wanted was to eat pound cake and have hot chocolate. This was not a typical summer day. This was a day to wear sweats and eat junk food. Don't people usually wear sweats and work out??? I really need to change my association with that concept. On Fridays I'm out of my office working at sites, it throws my food schedule off a bit. I really was debating giving in and preparing to eat pizza for dinner, one of my favorite foods ever, but I continued with my planned meals. This is largely due to all of your support.  Before I ate lunch I put birthday cake hand sanitizer on, and it smelled so good I almost licked my hand. I am truly a food junkie. I thought it through and decided that it really wouldn't taste good, and that's the only reason I didn't eat it at that moment in time. When I got home from work ,I knew the pizza was coming soon , and I had to decide how to handle it. Just the smell alone was going to drive me to eat it, and once I saw it I would surely become a food stealer. How would I even put it on the kids plates? The weekends are always associated with food and good times. I started to feel like I was gonna miss out on the fun. I decided to eat my dinner before the evil pizza stepped foot into the house. I drank 2 (20oz) bottles of water while I ate. I was feeling really full and good. Food is like a drug to me and I just wasn't prepared to face that pizza yet. Food is everywhere and I must learn to deal with it, there's no hiding. The pizza was here so I decided while everyone enjoyed their pizza that I would go for a walk. Yes, I finally did some exercise! Me and Kernel took a  long walk around the track. A  friend suggested to put a pedometer on my phone.We walked a 1/2 mile, and burned 16 calories .It felt really good to walk and not feel that sick bloated feeling after eating food like pizza, and feel that guilt of "being bad". I was really happy:-) So help me out here. If it feels so good to lose weight and feel great, why do I want that nasty food so bad. It does nothing but hurt me physically and emotional? With a degree in psychology you would think Id have some clue, but I don't. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Here's what I ate today:
Breakfast: 2 egg whites & 1 peach
Snack: 2oz grilled chicken & 1/2 cherries
Lunch: 2oz  grilled chicken, 1/2 rice & 1 cup of salad
Snack: 2oz grilled chicken & 1 baked potato
Dinner: 2oz grilled chicken & 2 cups of cauliflower, 1 baked potato (over 1/2 cup crab" gravy" sauce)
Snack: 1 peach

64 oz  water , 2 cups of green tea, and 2 cups of black coffee

I know tomorrow is gonna be even harder, wish me luck :-)


  1. Nice blog!

    You are a human being with fully activated senses--and so of course you love food! You're doing well and you are an extremely disciplined and organized person--you will beat this monster!

    1. Thanks so much for the support! I really appreciate it :-)))