Friday, March 29, 2013

Its been a brutal winter!

I was fine until the week before Christmas. I lost 18 pounds in total from July and was really pleased with myself. Many people encouraged me to live it up because it was Christmas and I had worked so hard, that I should take a break. I wasn't completely sold on the idea of just letting go because I know my pattern. I then will convince myself its "OKAY" to indulge when its really not. So I ate whatever and drank whatever and gained weight quick. My body is not meant to let go. Christmas came and went and then it was new years, and I was still eating. I tried to get back on track but it was so rainy and cold. I didn't want to exercise and I was slowly slipping into my old ways. I went to party after party and showed some restraint but the pounds kept fluctuating.I would lose a pound then gain 3. In total since before Christmas I have gained 5 pounds. So now I'm only at a 13 pound loss, which is devastating to a short person. 5 pounds is like putting on 30. Strangely enough people come to me for nutrition advice and now I feel like a hippocrate. I really motivated the least likely people and they are wearing pedometers and tracking food, and eating better because of me, and now I cannot stay motivated. If you know me , you know that everything I do is scheduled and organized. If its not I cannot function because I don't have enough time in my day.  I work full time, have 3 kids, and 2 dogs. I need to regain the focus. That's not easy when all I do is focus on everything else and not myself. As I'm tying this, I'm being talked to and asked why I'm still on the computer, and when I'm going to be done.  If anyone has a motivational speech, I would love it :-) Especially now that Easter is coming, and there will be another food battle to face.

I took the kids out to lunch yesterday, and I looked around . I would say at least 80% of the people were overweight. One woman asked the waiter to move her because she couldn't fit in the booth. There were these two woman having lunch and the smaller woman finished her food. The overweight woman only ate half and had hers wrapped. I thought to myself , she will eat that in her car on the way home. That's why I have to put myself out there, and not be like that. Yes I am the girl that would eat that in the car because I'm still hungry. When I eat well, no flour, no sugar I feel well. When I eat the "junk" I feel like "junk". I'm hoping to really get started eating well  and exercising more again. I want to be  a good example of how you can turn things around, even after numerous failures. I do appreciate everyones help. It is encouraging to know that others go through the same fight I do.