Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today I started the 6 week body makeover by Michael Thurmand again. My mom bought this for me for my birthday 2 years ago. I used it and lost 25 pounds.Over the last two years I go on and off this way of eating. It is the only thing consistent that works for me. It really works for me since I dont eat fast food, and have to prepare everything in advance anyway. However, it does not work well when there is a social event, it very "autistic" and doesn't do well when off schedule, just like myself.  Here's what I ate today:
  • Breakfast-2 egg whites & 1/2 cup of cherries 7:20am as im driving to work
  • snack-2oz of grilled chicken & 1/2 cup of cherries 10am
  • Lunch-1 cup of salad, 2oz of grilled chicken, and 1/2 white rice12:30pm
  • snack-baked potatoe & 2oz grilled chicken 3:30pm
  • Dinner- 2 oz of crabs, 1 cup of salad and 1/2 cup of white rice with crab gravy 6:30pm
  • snack-1/2 blackberries 9pm
  • I also drank 32+ ounces of spring water, and a cup of green tea
I almost lost it when my mom told me that my Aunt Dolores( who lives in DE , came to South Philly)  made me crabs and spaghetti for dinner. This is one of my favorite dinners ever, and it doesn't happen that often that she is here to make it. The first day I decide to change my lifestyle this happens ughhh. I felt like I had to eat the spaghetti because that would be rude not to eat it, and I didn't want to be rude. I guess i was rude because I didn't eat it and my aunt asked why, and I told her I was allergic to carbs. I said they make me swell and its called fat. She laughed, and  realized I really am allergic to certain foods, they just don't metabolize well for me. If you are allergic to peanut butter , you stay away from it or you can die. As of this morning I decided that I wanted my body back, something snatched it. I think the spaghetti had a big part in that, and donuts , and cookies, and cake, and pizza, and ice cream, and french fries!

I am very thankful for all of the support that I got today. The advice is greatly appreciated , more then you know. Once again I did not exercise. This is something that I have to do. If anyone is interested we can pick a meeting place and have a group walk once a month, of course when the weather is not a 1000 degrees. I plan on doing the biggest loser xbox game in the near future.

Wish me luck on my battle for tomorrow!

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