Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturdays are torture!

I started off the day pretty good. I dropped my car off to get inspected this morning at 8am. I walked 1.7 miles home and burned 111 calories. That is something that I generally wouldn't even consider. I thought it would be a great opportunity for exercise and jumped at the chance.I came home and ate breakfast. After breakfast I walked the dogs, then came back and cleaned and did laundry. More cleaning, and more cleaning waiting for my car to be done. Over the past two years my car inspections have cost alot of money and I was very anxious all day waiting to hear what the big number was. When I'm anxious I want cookies , preferably oatmeal raisin.Thankfully there were none in sight. After lunch the boys wanted to make milkshakes again because lil Bill wasn't home last night to have one. This time I had the bright Idea to put oreo cookies in it. I don't like eating oreos, but in a milkshake they are delicious.  I called about my car because I heard nothing. They didn't even look at it yet , and it was 5pm already. Sounds like it will not even be inspected today, and I ll have to wait until tomorrow. It annoys me and makes me want to eat . I ate more for dinner than I have the last two weeks but I didn't go crazy. I added 6 extra large boiled shrimp to my 3oz flounder. Wow that's crazy that I even consider that a cheat. Others in the house were eating fried chicken and perogies. It looked like a million dollars and I love money and wanted to take it! I did have a small taste of the chicken without the breading. I couldn't believe I dint lose it and eat every last drop because it was so dam good. I got up and started cleaning up, and the insane urge left me. If I fight , it usually goes away .Sometimes I must think that if I don't eat  I will wither away. That sure wont happen, I still have along way to go. I'm not giving up anytime soon but each day brings me a new challenge. I have to keep fighting this fight if I want the results that I'm looking for. Nothing in life is worth having if you don't work hard for it.

Naturegg - Egg White Omelet, 2 large egg white30007Ico_delete
Peach - Small, 1 small31801Ico_delete
Add Food 61808
Rice - White, long-grain, regular, cooked, 0.5 cup1032202Ico_delete
Price Rite - Steam In Bag Cut Green Beans, 1 cup (81g)45701Ico_delete
Chicken Breast - Grilled/Baked, 2 oz.700213Ico_delete
Add Food 21829216
Generic - Flounder - Broiled or Baked, 3 oz990121Ico_delete
Compliments- Sobeys (Canada) - Extra Large Fresh Water Shrimp, 6 shrimp (125g)800119Ico_delete
Rice - White, long-grain, regular, cooked, 0.5 cup1032202Ico_delete
Seasons Choice - Frozen String Beans, 1 cup33501Ico_delete
Add Food 31527243
Peach - Small, 1 small31801Ico_delete
Chicken Breast - Grilled/Baked, 2 oz.700213Ico_delete
Potato - Small (1/2 Large) - Baked Potato, 150 g 90 g1102303Ico_delete
Chicken Breast - Grilled/Baked, 2 oz.700213Ico_delete
Cherries - Sweet, raw, 0.5 cup, with pits, yields37901Ico_delete
Add Food 31840431
Your Daily Goal1,2971784348
Remaining 385 74 35 -50

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