Friday, August 17, 2012


 I lost 1.8 pounds with my weigh in this morning. I have had the worst week, and didn't think id make it through without cookies, cake, and fries. Its to painful to explain in detail all of the things that happened to me , but it didn't drive me to eat"bad" food.  I actually turned to eating healthy and exercising to comfort me, and  it didn't pull me further under. I actually felt stronger like I could actually face all of my problems. Usually I get upset and eat to make things better, and then I feel disgusting and fat, and feel worse. Thank you to all of those who keep encouraging me to go on and "just do it". In total for the month I lost 10.8 pounds. Honestly, I haven't seen this weight in a long time. I still have alot to go, but feel like I can do this!

When I was little I remember watching an after school special, yes I'm old. The girl said NACISEY when she wanted to do something and thought that she couldnt, and it magically worked for her, and she could do it. Some people have probably heard me talking to myself and said NACISEY, but I never mention what it means. It means YESICAN!!!!! There's no magic here, but there is hard work, and motivation <3 I hope I can keep this momentum going!

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