Friday, August 24, 2012

I guess I cant!

I gained .8 pounds this week. It really upsets me because I have been exercising and eating right for over a month now. I'm hoping its just muscle weight  but I have to say its very discouraging. It has been an extremely stressful and busy week, and some research says that weight gain is associated with stress. If its not those answers, its that my body hates me and doesn't want to help. Not logical but maybe true.

Many people say that you need a "cheat" day so I did that Sat night. This was the first time that I had really let myself go, and it wasn't pretty. Grazing is not good for me. Its best when I know exactly what I'm going to eat. Saturday night was a pot luck Mexican night at my brother in laws house. Mexican food is one of my favorites, and my brother in law makes the best flauntas. Normally he bakes them, but he deep fat fried them. Of course I still ate it, and it was so good. There were at least 15 different entries, desserts , and appetizers. Everything was so good, so I wanted to try whatever I could. I took a little of this and that, and then I lost count. That's never a good thing for me. Once I lose count, I don't count. I had the best homeade chocolate chili ice cream on a deep fat fried cinnamon tortilla chip. I didn't stop there, when I got home I had a sundae.I was back in the mentality , better make it worth it mode. I put crushed pretzels, oreos, chocolate syrup, and whip cream on it. It was delicious. I got back on track the very next day, but I really think I'm paying for it with this .8 pounds.Mind you that I have not had ANY alchoholic beverage "cheat" at all.  I cant eat like regular people. Every ounce accumulates with even one night of "bad" eating. Now I'm on vacation and I will not have a regular eating schedule. Should be an interesting week, stay tuned!

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  1. I think you should applaud yourself for only gaining .8 lbs. after dining on a spread like that!! EVERYONE hits a plateau, you'll start losing again.