Friday, August 10, 2012

Im losing

I was running late today and didn't have time to make coffee. I was to busy admiring the scale and my additional 1 pound weight lose from last Friday. Really I was running late, so after I dropped all the kids off I stopped at WAWA to get my coffee. After all I learn so much there. I pull into a parking spot and almost hit this woman sitting on the curb. She was eating so intensely that she didn't even notice that I almost accidentally took her out. She may have been insane or on drugs but she still was very involved in eating. She had cheese curls, powdered donuts, a breakfast sandwich, and drinking a pepsi at 7:30am. Hey who am I to judge, I am by no means cured from my  addiction to junk food, but watching this woman made me realize how the food totally took her over. This has happened to me but I must say I'm slightly smarter and wouldn't enjoy my food sitting in the street. I would hide and eat it in my car. However, if I was going to eat something it would be a breakfast sandwich (egg whites and  turkey bacon) with a hash brown, and hazelnut coffee with heavy cream. Oh the good old days. The boys ate pizza and I had a grilled chicken Caesar salad. I really enjoyed it, and had some raspberries while watching a movie. My craving are decreasing but I'm still aware that they can attack me, and overtake my progress at anytime of the day. Your support honestly has kept me motivated, thank you!

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