Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hard Day

I went to see my uncle that has been in the hospital. I packed my food up until dinner. I made rice krispy treats to bring over to my aunt. While making them I got some on my hands. Normally, I would  immediately peel it off my fingers and eat it, then eat about 5 or 6 squares. I didn't touch any of it. I brought it to my aunts, and my mom and other family ate it. Then we went to the hospital. After going to the hospital, everyone went back to my aunts and was eating lunch meat and rolls. I don't eat lunch meat on average anyway so I was just going to eat when I went home. Then they told me there were meatballs, and gravy (tomato sauce). I love meatballs! I had 2 meatballs , salad and a baked potato. Strangely enough I felt full, but they were so good, I really was trying to rationalize that I could eat more. I didn't do it but really wanted to.  Normally I'm told go ahead and eat more, you only live once. Now I say exactly , you only live once and that's why I wont overeat.

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