Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I dont like surprises!!!!

I was fine until I got home. I was really planning on eating the rest of my rice noodles with homeade gravy,  lean ground meat with lots of garlic chunks in it. I came home to find it was gone. Someone who will remain nameless ate my dam food as their lunch! Things started to get out of hand because now I was hungry and had to cook. Two things I hate! Some people like surprises I never do. I didnt get to go for my long walk, so no calories burned today. Im a little bummed from alot of bad things that happened to me this week, and I really want alot of ice cream. Im hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Naturegg - Egg White Omelet, 2 large egg white30007Ico_delete
Peach - Small, 1 small31801Ico_delete
Add Food 61808
Rice noodles - Cooked, 0.5 cup962201Ico_delete
Jennie O - Ground Turkey, Lean 93/7 , 2 ounces850410Ico_delete
Homemade - Italian Tomato Sauce, 0.5 cup40612Ico_delete
Fresh - Romaine Lettuce , 6 leaves (85g)10200Ico_delete
Add Food 23130513
Rice - White, long-grain, regular, cooked, 0.5 cup1032202Ico_delete
Chicken Breast - Grilled/Baked, 2 oz.700213Ico_delete
Lettuce - Red leaf, raw, 1 leaf outer3000Ico_delete
Add Food 17622215
Peach - Small, 1 small31801Ico_delete
Jennie O - Ground Turkey, Lean 93/7 , 2 ounces850410Ico_delete
Potato - Small (1/2 Large) - Baked Potato, 150 g 90 g1102303Ico_delete
Jennie O - Ground Turkey, Lean 93/7 , 2 ounces850410Ico_delete
Cherries - Sweet, raw, 0.5 cup, with pits, yields37901Ico_delete
Add Food 34840825
Your Daily Goal1,2001654045
Remaining 384 65 25 -16

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