Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Im Guilty

Long day at work explaining to some people what their actual job is. It was frustrating and I really wanted to eat the buffet of food that we had on the counter at work. I didn't, and I was to busy to rethink it. After work we went out to Carrabas for Christian's 7th birthday dinner. I got a house salad,  grilled chicken(only ate half)  zucchini, and garlic mashed potato (I ate half).Although I stayed within my 1200 calories and sorta in my plan, I still  feel like I cheated. There was butter in the potatoes, and the grilled chicken probably had something fattening on it because it tasted so good. I think the salt in
the food has left me bloated, and still wanting more. I wrapped up my other half of food and didn't look back. It is always a challenge when I go off my schedule. I really had to set myself straight that I would not eat the entire meal, and that there would be absolutely no dessert. After dinner we walked around the mall and did some birthday shopping. By the time we got home it was to late to take a long walk. So no exercise again. If I would have exercised  I think I would have felt better about going out to eat and the food choices I made. Now I'm going to have acai berry green tea, then its time for bed. Lets hope this 2nd time out to eat this week doesn't ruin my Friday weigh in, and ruin my motivation.

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