Saturday, July 26, 2014

I Hate My Scale Taylor!!!!

I hate my scale Taylor!! I love honesty this B.... is to much. Last week I lost 5 pounds, and this week I gained 5 pounds. I cannot win!!! but I will never give up!!! I just cant seem to get past this 20 pound lose. I switch food up , I have even over indulged to try and reset, and nothing! I’m at the point were I just want to eat whatever I want because it isn’t making any impact. The only reason I wont give up is because honestly my old lady acid reflux has disappeared because of my good eating habits. Also, I have not gained weight, and I know if I let go, I will be in real trouble. If I look at junk food the wrong way on a daily basis I will gain 10 pounds without blinking.

Yesterday at the pool I got shoe string fries, and acted like I made a healthy choice by not getting cheese on my fries. All the ketchup that I put on surely made up for that. Not to mention Christian's left over chicken finger that I enjoyed. It was a downward spiral after that because last night I was going to make brownies for the boys and I planned on eating like 4 of them. Luckily for me there were no eggs to make the brownies and I was to tired to go to the store. Laziness finally paid off for me once!

One thing that did motivate me was seeing my license picture from 4 yrs ago and comparing it to the new one. Although the stupid scale wont cooperate with me , I can visually see a difference. I will hold onto that for now and keep moving forward <3

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