Saturday, August 10, 2013

I added another 1 pound gain to the other 2 pounds I gained from the week before. I am now back to a 17 pound loss instead of  a 20 pound loss. Let the roller coaster ride begin again, I hate rides!!  I guess that's not to bad considering I have been with the family for the last few weeks. However, I am really disappointed in myself and angry that my body just cannot accept sugar or flour in it. It always seems so unfair. With my Aunt Marion's passing the best way me and my family know how to deal with grief is to eat. "Mangia" and that's what we did. Stuffed shells, pizza, hoagies, cannoli, pine nut cookies, pineapple stuffing, donuts, and so much more that I wouldn't even have room to write all of the food that was in front of my face. I controlled myself for the most part, but ate foods that I wouldn't normally eat anymore. Not to mention my alcohol consumption, which is very rare anymore too. I walked every single day on an average of 4 miles, and that still didn't stop the weight from creeping on. It took me months to loose that 3 pounds and within a few short weeks it was back. I have been very busy and had no time to prepare my food, which is always a disaster for me.

Last Sunday I decided that enough was enough and I was getting back on track on Monday. I ate a very large piece of my sons birthday cake and a humongous serving of cheese fries with lots of ketchup. Yes I felt sick but that did not stop me from eating ice cream too. Again this week has been busy and no time for planning.I have lost some of my motivation to continue on with this "battle" as I always call it, but tried.  I stayed away from the most bad carbs, but did have a black cherry gelati from POP's water ice that was amazing! It all tasted good but was not worth it. Why do I do this to myself????

                                               I think I lost this round but the fight is not over!!!

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