Friday, July 26, 2013

I gained 2 pounds GRRRR

So the last week I have not been able to plan my food as I normally do, and I gained 2 pounds. It doesn't seem fair that one week of still eating healthy but not measuring food can cause this ughhh. My usual Friday weigh in today, and the first time in months that I have gained weight . It makes me angryyyyyy!

Yesterday was the day that I ate the most. I had 2 egg whites and kale for breakfast, then for 10am snack , had an apple and (2) string cheeses). For lunch I had collard greens , ground turkey and rice. Then for my afternoon snack I had the meat from the cheese steak ( no bread) salad , a small sugar free water ice, and one delicious chocolate chip cookie. for dinner I had a few pieces of American cheese with salami because I was in a rush. Then I went for a 2.22 mile walk and came back really hungry. I had an apple with 2 tablespoons of chunky peanut butter. 

I must say the cookie made me a little crazy ! I couldn't help but eat one because I smelled them all the way from my office. I really wanted to eat the entire box. When everyone left the office to see all the candy in another department, I almost grabbed a couple cookies to eat in the corner of my office. My stubbornness won over.  I decided that I LOVE fitting into my clothes comfortably, and one cookie was enough. I popped a piece of vanilla raspberry dessert gum in my mouth and went on with my business.

It just gets me so mad that I cant eat what I want, when I want. I guess Ill never stop grieving the loss of my metabolism!

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