Friday, October 12, 2012

I got weighed

On Saturday I went to my aunt Theresa's for her birthday, and there was lots of food, and I ate most of it. It was my "cheat day". Funny thing is I got full much faster than usual and I actually felt sleepy. I asked my sister and brother in law to go for a 2 mile walk with me and they did without hesitation. I asked the rest of the family and they all laughed out loud and continued to eat the homemade butter finger that I made for them.

As always I had a busy week filled with soccer , baseball, and lessons for the kids as well as work, and everyday life. I felt overwhelmed and exhausted, and just wanted to eat.  I was fighting the hunger all week, and its a feeling that I haven't had in awhile, and I felt weak. I was questioning my lifestyle change, and really wanted to give up, so I resorted to obsessing over the scale.

 I got weighed Monday, and I lost .8 ounces, then Tuesday I was a 1pound heavier. Then Wednesday I was .2 ounces lighter, then Thursday I was 1.5 pounds heavier then last Friday. Seriously I almost gave up, but I gave myself one more day, the official weigh in day of Friday.  I got on the scale and lost .6 ounces. It sure was better than being heavier than last week. Note to self: stay off the scale! its discouraging!

I am now at 16.8 pounds total loss. I tried on gap jeans that I haven't worn since 2004, and they fit.I always refused to give them away, and now I'm glad I didn't. Those jeans fitting me outweighed the devastation of my traumatic week with the scale.

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