Friday, November 2, 2012

Major Set Back!

It was a bad week. I didnt have my cheat day on Saturday because my husband said that he was making me a surprise halloween dinner. That through me off because Saturday food is all the leftovers from the week, and that is just boring. I started to think about straying then I decided that only one day to cheat was allowed, and it had to be Wednesday. Especially because I haven't been walking much, and not much other exercise either. Then Monday night the hurricane hits, and its a food party at my house. I tried my best not to eat the chicken cutlet and mashed potatoes, but I couldn't resist. I had my husband bake the chicken instead of frying it, but there was still breadcrumbs. so I ate way more than my portion size. I didn't stop there because you know a bad meal isn't complete without dessert. I had chocolate covered Carmel popcorn .I ate more than half the bag, and then decided I was feeling sick. I didn't stop there, later on in the night I ate the rest of the bag. Tuesday I get back on track, and didn't touch any of the brownies that I made for the kids and their friends. Good thing those kids eat fast, and they didn't leave a drop. At that point I was really hungry. I overdosed on bad food and was craving more. I felt so hungry, and nothing was helping. I made it through the night without totally loosing it. Wednesday was Halloween. Of course we had many goodies at work but I just ate my healthy food and was feeling pretty good until I got home. There was homemade mac and cheese, really crispy, and spider bread. The rat meatloaf was cheese stuffed and tasted awesome , yes I ate it, and plenty of it. Then for dessert pumpkins with butter, sugar and Cinnamon. It was beyond delicious. I didn't stop there because it was Halloween I had to have some candy too.  The next day I felt awful, and new that my Friday weigh in wouldn't be good news. At that point I started thinking well you were close to a 20 pound lose, 2 pounds isn't bad, but then I thought yes it is. That is the same rationalization that always gets me into trouble. I ate bad for 2 days and haven't steadily exercised, and that's why I gained two pounds. Normally I would be angry and say I only ate bad for two days, why me, but honestly I know the answer.

I go into wawa this morning , yes because I live there, and this friendly woman was offering me a free sample. She sang a very nice song about me drinking the carmel salted latte. It was really strange, and I refused. She said but you will really like It. I said yes lady I know I will like it, I will probably LOVE it, so stop taunting me! She smiled at me like, whatever crazy lady, and I happily walked out with my black pumpkin spice coffee.Now to get back on track! Please no one offer me free unhealthy drinks or food, and I should be okay, I think?

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