Saturday, June 29, 2013

20.6 pounds ago!

So I haven't made it to July 16th yet but I have reached my 20 pound loss that I set for that date! 20.6 pounds to be exact . Last summer sitting by the pool with one of my best friends Susan, talking about how impossible it was to lose weight. Now not even a year later we have both met goals that we thought were never imaginable.

Exercising has changed my life in so many ways. I always thought that you had to go to a gym to be fit, but that's not true. Its really whatever works for you. Walking has been my greatest fear (because I broke my foot 3 times over the last 30 years) but it has become the best weight loss exercise for me .  Most importantly it produces endorphins ( happy thoughts) and it keeps everyone safe from my "hulk like" anger :-) as well as hazelnut coffee too.

The key to it all is mindset( You have to really want it), and prepare your food in advance! Being prepared is not always easy as I know all to well. With having 3 boys actively involved in everything, 2 dogs , and a full time job, preparation is the only way it works. I am happy and healthier for my boys and I will not stop here. My goal for next year is to lose another 20 pounds. I cannot say it is easy, but it is sure worth it. Now when I look in the mirror I recognize who's looking back at me. Last year that was not the case. So once again without all of our texts, emails, tweets, messages etc... I would be closet eating again , so thank you , thank you , thank you!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

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