Friday, April 5, 2013

I had a fight with the scale, im not sure, but I think I won!

So I get on the scale this morning because its Friday. I only get on the scale on Fridays, that's what I keep telling myself. Anyway, I get on the scale and I'm 10 pounds lighter. I yell at the scale and tell it to stop playing games with my head. Mind you I'm talking to a scale alone in the bathroom. I may have bigger issues than overeating :-). So I get back on again, and now I'm 7 pounds heavier. At this point I'm calling the scale a liar, and I know I didn't gain 7 pounds. So I get on several more times until I had the same weight three times in a row. Now I was happy, I lost 3.8 pounds and that seemed to be accurate. I cannot believe the head games that this scale plays with me! We have an ongoing love, hate relationship.

I really worked hard this week with my nutrition. I cut out all sugar and flour, and ate 6 small meals. I cant lie , I was really hungry at night and wanted cake. Several people offered me very enticing food, and I turned it down, and they looked and me and are still amazed that I wouldn't take it. If you catch me on a bad day, I might take it, and yours, so watch out! I resisted and honestly feel better for it. The biggest problem is maintaining my food lifestyle. Being prepared is surely the number one key for me, and motivation to exercise. Exercising has again become obsolete this week. There really isn't enough time in my day. Honestly if there was Id have more to do. With my regular activity daily,  I'm only averaging 8,000 or so steps a day. My goal is 10,000 a day. I'm hoping for better weather to get me more motivated, and going for long walks with the pups again.

Thank you to everyone that relates to my blog and sends me messages and comments. It really does keep me on track !

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  1. Your pooches will help! G, I weigh myself on three different scales: the one at the gym--which is digital and always weighs at least 3 lbs. HEAVIER than #2, the one in the office, which I like... When I get frustrated with both, I go down to the old school physician's scale in the bathroom next to the mailroom and get the tie-breaker... It's a sick game we play...