Friday, December 28, 2012

Intoxicated by food

So I made it through the holiday parties throughout the month of December with grace. Then one foggy night (12/20 Thurs)waiting in traffic for 2 hours, it all fell apart. The beautiful tray of cookies that a co worker made me where in the passenger seat. I am not a patient person especially when the day care closes at 6pm and I have to get home and make dinner, and walk the dogs, housework, and  still do more Christmas present shopping. So I looked over at the well wrapped cookie tray with its snug red velvet bow, and I began to tug at it. I said to myself, its stuck that means you shouldn't eat it. So I looked away and looked up. The traffic was at a stand still and it was 5:45pm. I tried again to open it without luck. I took a breath and then ripped it open with my teeth. I was so stressed and with no hope of healthy food in site I ate many cookies, and the delicious lindt chocolates that she perfectly placed on the tray. I felt a horrible guilt, and I felt horribly sick. When I finally got home with my tray , the kids wanted to know who made me such an ugly tray of cookies. This was only the beginning to a 5 day food fest. I normally skip pizza Friday, but not this week. The weekend was filled with parties, and I was really trying to make the most of it. However, my body was not excepting this now foreign food regimen. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were the biggest food events yet this year. On both days I went to 2 parties each. both places had endless food and desserts.I tried to stay away from the carbohydrates but my dad especially brought me raviolis from Matteo's, so I had to eat them.  By the middle of Christmas day I was hunched over in pain. Everyone clearly noticing my discomfort. I tried to get back on track and did okay on Wed and Thursday of this week, but I am starving. Eating that way has brought my cravings back at full force. I got on the scale this morning and gained 2 pounds from last week. The overeating and lack of exercise surprised me that I didn't gain more. I'm going to try and make some better choices until New Years eve and day. Then Jan 2nd I have to get motivated and stay on track again. Wish me luck I'm gonna need it after this junk food high! :-P


  1. Don't be to tough on yourself--Loretta's cookies were outstanding--Zach said they were the best choc chip cookies he had ever eaten... We ALL have to get back on track in January--I've been gaining all of the weight I lost and am not feeling good. One step will be to seriously limit the amount of food coming into that office!!!! Happy NEW Year! PS, I really LOL'd at the doggy pooo game...hysterical!

  2. Those chocolate chip cookies were the best! It was somewhat worth it :-) Happy New year to you too! That doggy game was so boring but had them laughing for hours lol